b'WELCOME TO FILMOUTSAN DIEGO 2023!Over the past 23 years, FilmOut San Diego has been dedicated to providing a platform for LGBTQ cinema. We have showcased thousands of films that celebrate and explore the diverse experiences and narratives of our community. From premieres to festival favorites to international selections, our film lineup aims to capture the essence of the LGBTQ experience in all its beauty and complexity. One of the unique aspects of our film festival is the opportunity it provides to connect with filmmakers and talent. Through Q&A sessions and panel discussions, we create a space for dialogue and deeper understanding of the stories depicted on screen. We would like to acknowledge the incredible contributions of individuals, organizations, and businesses that have supported our efforts throughout the years. From our dedicated board members, generous sponsors and hardworking volunteers, their commitment to the power of storytelling have made our festival a success. We encourage all of you to support these establishments and organizations that have shown their support for the LGBTQ community. Together, we can foster an inclusive community where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.At FilmOut San Diego, we are proud of our commitment to board diversity, fundraising, and cultivating meaningful sponsorships. These initiatives play a crucial role in ensuring that our festival continues to thrive and that we can provide an extraordinary experience for our audience. Furthermore, we are dedicated to offering valuable education to interns who are passionate about LGBTQ cinema. By providing opportunities for growth and learning, we hope to foster the next generation of filmmakers and LGBTQ advocates. We also continually explore ways to collaborate with local organizations to amplify queer voices to make a positive impact on our city.Thank you for joining us in celebrating our 23rd Annual LGBTQ Film Festival. We look forward to welcoming you during the next year as we continue showcasing powerful stories and foster a sense of unity and acceptance within the community.KALEB NICOLA MICHAEL MCQUIGGAN JEFF HOWELL ROBERT BOUCHARDFestival Director Program Director Senior Film Programmer Board President6'