b'DAY SPONSORED BY: SUN, SEP 10, 2023SAN DIEGO FILMMAKER SPOTLIGHT CO-PRESENTED BYINTERSECTIONAL LENS: THE BLACK, QUEER, AND TRANS EXPERIENCESUNDAY, SEP 1011:00AMIntersectional Lens explores the marginalized communities of those who are Black and identify as part of the San Diego LGBTQ+ community. The documentary looks at the challenges in coming out, finding community, relationships and difficulties at school, work and in the militarywhile highlighting the injustices befallen on trans identities.Year: 2022Country: USA (local filmmaker)Run Time: 60 minDirectors: Pamuela Halliwell & Todd A. JacksonSHOWN WITHDIVING FOR RAYSSeeing the lack of LGBTQ+ visibility in the Marine Science industry, Nicole Morris decides to alter her life path in an effort to become a Marine Biologist in this short documentary.Year: 2022Country: USA (local filmmaker)Run Time: 23 minDirector: Angel MorrisSHOWN WITHBISTRO #1A young woman keeps the sales of her familys food booth alive while navigating her sexuality.Year: 2023Country: USA (local filmmaker)Run Time: 10 min Director: Kiana Thienkim Nguyen51'