b'SATURDAY, SEP 9 11:00AMCO-PRESENTED BYOPENING NIGHTA high school teenager navigates the final minutes before his first theater stage performance, which includes experiencing his first kiss. Despite his rising anxiety, he shares a romantic moment with a fellow classmate.Year: 2022Country: USARun Time: 14 minDirector: Josh CoppenbargerTHE ENDIn their last years, Carmen has dedicated herself, body and soul to caring for her wife Rosa, who suffers from dementia. In each gesture, Carmen maintains the hope that Rosa will look at her as she used to do when they were younger.Year: 2022Country: SpainRun Time: 10 minDirector: Fernando ReinaldosBOIFRIENDA gay cis womans father is surprisingly happy when she brings her transmasc boyfriend homebut she soon realizes hes only happy because shes in a straight-passing relationship.Year: 2022Country: USARun Time: 10 minDirectors: Rebecca Marquardt & Lane Michael Stanley34'