b'DAY SPONSORED BY: FRI, SEP 8, 2023IN BED CO-PRESENTED BY(KEILU EIN MAHAR)FRIDAY, SEP 89:15PMSet in Tel Aviv over a hallucinatory 24 hours, two friends, Guy and Joy, are taking part in the citys LGBTQ+ Pride Parade celebrations. Prepared for a night of hookups, drugs and dancing, their fun is suddenly cut short when a violent shooting sends everyone in the crowd running for safety. In their rush to get home, Guy and Joy pick up Dan, a fellow parade attendee, and bring him back to Guys apartment as a manhunt for the shooter creates mayhem outside. Back in Guys apartment, however, the three are determined to still have a good time. Still in shock and with plenty of drugs at their disposal, a dark, sex-fueled odyssey begins. As the drugs continue to distort his perception, a paranoid and strung-out Guy discovers the line between intimacy and violence are getting dangerously blurred. Giladys erotic gay thriller takes an unflinching look at party culture with a fast-paced electronic soundtrack by Offer Nissim and immersive cinematography.This film contains sexually explicit content.WARNING: Year: 2023Country: IsraelRun Time: 85 minDirector: Nitzan Gilady31'