b'DAY SPONSORED BY: SUN, SEP 10, 2023CHASINGCO-PRESENTED BYCHASING AMYSUNDAY, SEP 101:00PMIn Sav Rodgers debut documentary film, he explores the unexamined legacy of Kevin Smiths cult classic, Chasing Amy. His documentary is both a tribute to the movie that saved his life as a queer kid, coming of age in Kansas, and an exploration of its mixed reviews from the LGBTQ+ community. Through candid interviews with Smith and star Joey Lauren Adams, Sav discovers their journey of making their movie was far more difficult and emotional than anyone could have possibly known. This film is a trans coming of age love story, set against the backdrop of an indie film that solidified some careers and damaged others. Includes interviews with the cast/crew of Chasing Amy, alongside thought leaders from the LGBTQ+ community, several revolutionary filmmakers, and friends of the filmmakers.Year: 2023Country: USARun Time: 95 minDirector: Sav RodgersSHOWN WITHHER CURVEJordan finds herself falling for the model in her figure drawing class.Year: 2022Country: USARun Time: 6 min Directors: Stacy Jill Calvert & Jaclyn Chessen53'