b'DAY SPONSORED BY: SUN, SEP 10, 2023 INTERNATIONAL SPOTLIGHTCO-PRESENTED BYTHREE NIGHTS A STEVE GARDEPIE & WEEK (TROIS NUITS RAYME SCIARONIPAR SEMAINE)SUNDAY, SEP 103:00PMBaptiste (Pablo Pauly) is in a relationship with Samia (Hafsia Herzi) when he first meets Cookie Kunty (Romain Eck), a young drag queen from the Parisian scene who immediately mesmerizes him. Initially motivated by the idea of a photography project revolving around Cookie, he immerses himself into this world, eventually embarking upon a relationship with Quentin, the man behind theCookie persona.Year: 2023Country: FranceRun Time: 103 minDirector: Florent GoulouSHOWN WITHYOUR SCISSORS IN MY EARDesperate for a last-minute haircut the night before his wedding, the handsome groom finally finds a cheap barbershop. But he gets more than he bargained for when the barber recognizes him as someone from his past.Year: 2023Country: SpainRun Time: 12 minDirector: Carlos Ruano55'