b'WolfeVideo.com 1-800-GET-WOLFECheck out WolfeVideo.com for all of our beloved titles on DVD and Blu-ray or head to WolfeOnDemand.com to stream them now, starting at $3.99!A moving coming-of-age story from a promising director Death and Bowling marks a new era in trans masculineA moving coming-of-age story from a promising director.The Hollywood Reporter storytelling. Indiewire- Lovia Gyarkye, WILDHOOD In a rural east-coast trailer park, Link (Phillip Lewitski) lives with his toxic father and younger half- brother Travis (Avery Winters-Anthony). When Link discovers his Mikmaw mother could still be alive, it lights a flame and they make a run for a better life. On the road, they meet AND PHILLIP LPSRODUEC A IN V M CEO AT D OG N WIRTN A H PTHYH BE A S A Y SPGUY SISRATANCCEGKLR O O FA TDINEE HFR EJOEO EGB W EL RVO L CSC ITTAEHR FIL ND O M M SED F I E T ILST K A ING NMB I Y HS SJ UIAOOR O N NUIG D IN A S GOL DM ERV US E H A I S CB DAOE UGMSN CNY UA ATI ILCH WRIT I HTAFAHAV E O ILEFR M EL RT DJI&HTES O IL YM EN & DIRECTED BYE M X LEMV C A C UTIV SAIS E P ZEW K JIO RO O DU HN CEDN PRO .DBY SAUMLCLTBNOIIOS O DYO A N PROI V A N LN DUCTTON DI CVIN E EN E I ROI BRET R RADU WIT C TI I H THE V NY GRP EBOEC D PF UCE AUK RT W IC DN BY P YDA J T GI I ON UHWT O EN HAN ARLEALI F I RE EDNHL TFTCASTI O PLOI N MD GA BTSITEC Y CRPAHNILPHLD K A PIA ANLENEA ICPOAM WAOITG N JUDIEANLRKSIBIMACS JE A O ,L DC S DDC IAH A COFU SSTS AIOU UN MEB D DJ ESRIG S E I NCKA T H BYTW E A RLYNROCMUETMIRFUNMNVEH AYNKWNAR EAT WR N DSYR ITTERNP - OA A C DNUDT NB CTH D C IOIR NE FCTDE OIL ESD N IG MBN YB M Y BS Y M RIECICHTTHEEANLH PG ARERYNINSOMYENS A E Pasmay (Joshua Odjick), a pow wow dancer drawn to Link. As the boysNTERS-ANTHONYMICHAEL GREYEYES O YFHFN ALNUIEMSOS NVAR STHYE OSCKWVEOI ST L SY ALRKEDRY FILM journey across Mikmaki, Link finds community, identity and love in the land where he belongs. DVD Available 10/4/22DEATH AND BOWLINGA struggling trans actor goes on an adventure of self-discovery after the death of his close friend and captain of a lesbian bowling league in Los Angeles.Streaming Exclusively on.Releasing in theaters and digitally soon.Accomplished, insightful and deeply moving. The Hollywood Reporter Tucci and Firth have never been better. The Washington PostAHEAD OF THE CURVESUPERNOVAWith a lucky run at the track andSam (Colin Firth) and Tusker (Stanley Tucci), partners of twenty years, chutzpah for days, Franco Stevensare traveling across England in their old campervan visiting friends, launched Curve, the best-selling lesbianfamily and places from their past. Following a life-changing diagnosis, magazine ever published. When Franco learns that Curve is failing,their time together has become more important than ever until secret she turns to todays queer activists to determine her path forward. plans test their love like never before. 95 min. CC98 min. CCDVD #5901D $20.95 DVD #5898D $26.95 Blu-ray #5898B $29.95Your Price $14.95 Your Price $19.95 Your Price $24.95Exquisite. A lyrical exploration of female desire. Variety Driven by the stealth rawness of Molly Bernard. The Hollywood ReporterMILKWATERTHE WORLD TO COME Seeking direction and purpose, Milo (Molly In this powerful 19th century romance set inBernard, Younger) rashly decides to become the American Northeast, Abigail (Katherine Waterston), a farmersa surrogate and egg donor for an older gay man wife, and her new neighbor, Tallie (Vanessa Kirby) find themselvesshe meets in a bar. However, as Milo becomes irrevocably drawn to each other. Together, their intimacy begins to fill aincreasingly attached to him, she starts leveraging the pregnancy void in each others lives they never knew existed. 105 min. CC as a means of staying embedded in his life. 102 min. CCDVD #5899D $26.95 Blu-ray #5899B $29.95Available Now on WolfeOnDemand.comYour Price $19.95 Your Price $24.95 Not Available on DVDRevelatory, effectively capturing the unique pressures ofLa Cage Aux Folles Meets Mamma Mia!being both Black and gay. NYLONTHE OBITUARY OF TUNDE JOHNSONAN ALMOST ORDINARY SUMMERExploring the social issues of racism, police brutality and LGBTQ+Two very different families spend their holidays in the same house acceptance through a time loop, The Obituary of Tunde Johnson followsat the seaside: the aristocratic Castelvecchios and the working-class a wealthy, gay Nigerian-American teenager as he navigates high schoolPetagnas. The unexpected engagement announcement of patriarchs with his secret jock boyfriend and the realities that comeTony and Carlo disrupts an apparently ordinary summer and turn the with being a gay Black teenager in America. 104 min. CC lives of everyone upside down. 100 min. Italian with English subtitlesDVD #5896D $20.95 DVD #5881D $26.95Your Price $10.99 Your Price $14.9570'