b'DAY SPONSORED BY: SAT, SEP 10, 2022SKINNY FATA gay man confronts his belly fat in a dressing room, triggering him to relive an abusive past relationship. But who can save him from his own body?Year: 2021Country: U.K.Run Time: 5 min Director: Mathew DavidTOGETHER/APARTTwo years after a gay bashing, Michael and Alex are still feeling the aftershocks in their relationship. Things continue to get complicated, as Michaels dissociations start becoming reality.Year: 2022Country: USA Run Time: 7 minDirector: David AmbergHEAR MY VOICEAfter moving to London for a hopeful opera career, Mike begins seeing the apparition of his grandmother who is not impressed with his persistent hookups. Her visits push him to come to terms with himself and allow him to make an unexpected connection.Year: 2021Country: U.K. Run Time: 12 min Director: Daniele GuerraLOVIE DOVIEMarine life enthusiast Dovie St. James must come to terms with her sexuality when she is unexpectedly charmed by the new girl in her class.Year: 2022Country: USA Run Time: 4 min Director: Francesca BresciaIDENTIBYEWith the fear of never-ending judgments from those he loves the most, a man has to work against the clock to achieve his goals as he knows his true identity is what truly matters.Year: 2020Country: Iran Run Time: 15 min Director: Sajjad ShahhatamiTHE MAN OF MY DREAMSTwo gorgeous magnetic male lovers traipse around the streets of NYC enmeshed in a dreamy romance.Year: 2021Country: USA Run Time: 4 min Director: Tristan Scott-Behrends33'