b'DAY SPONSORED BY: SUN, SEP 11, 2022WHERE BUTTERFLIESCO-PRESENTED BYDONT FLYSUNDAY, SEP 1111:00AMDaniel (Daniel Krejck) is a nineteen-year-old student with few friends and keeps his distance from other people. As graduation approaches, Daniel finds himself on a class camping trip headed by his teacher Adam (Ji Vojta), a gay man in a secretive relationship with his partner David. Both Daniel and Adam live in their own bubbles until they find themselves in a life-threatening situation when they get trapped in a vast cave system. Lost in the abyss and cut off from the rest of the world with time running out, they form an unexpected bond as they fight for survival.Year: 2022Country: Czech RepublicRun Time: 126 minDirector: Roman Nmec47'