b'DAY SPONSORED BY: SAT, SEP 10, 2022THE WAY OUT CO-PRESENTED BYSATURDAY, SEP 105:00PMAlex Romero (Jonny Beachamp) delivers pizza and hopes to one day be a successful singer/songwriter. The trouble is, hes broken from childhood trauma and is an addict who has difficulty staying sober. After the death of his abusive Dad, Alex inherits the family home and all its bills. Against the advice of his closest friend and sponsor Veronica (Sherri Shepherd), Alex takes in a charming and manipulative roommate, Shane Collins (Mike Manning). Shane, a trained fighter, sees how shut down Alex is from being abused in the past and takes him under his wing, teaching him to stand up for himself. Shanes relentless style leads Alex down a dark and violent path that could jeopardize not only his sobriety, but his life and the lives of those he loves. With Ashleigh Murray.Year: 2022Country: USARun Time: 94 minDirector: Barry JaySHOWN WITHBOTTOMA queer man prepares to face his deepest fears about intimacy before a romantic evening. After his date arrives, the night takes a grotesque dive into terror.Year: 2021Country: USARun Time: 8 minDirector: William Lott39'