b'DAY SPONSORED BY: SUN, SEP 11, 2022PAT ROCCO DARED CO-PRESENTED BYSUNDAY, SEP 113:30PMActivist, artist, filmmaker and entertainer Pat Roccos legendary career spanned decades, encompassing nude male erotic films and documentaries that bore witness to crucial moments in queer history, including speeches by Harvey Milk. In this exploration of Roccos work and lifewhich features lovingly restored versions of some of Roccos rarest filmsfilmmaker Charlie David sits down with Rocco for exclusive interviews prior to his death in 2018. Ever the good-natured showman, Roccos candid talks reveal the daring personality required to create work that valued, desired, and celebrated queer bodies when popular culture labeled them as shamefulrevealing this to be a vital record of an unforgettable trailblazer.Year: 2021Country: CanadaRun Time: 89 minDirectors: Morris Chapdelaine & Bob ChristieSHOWN WITHMATTHEWS HOUSE Matthew and Adam navigate the gray aftermath of a violent incident.Year: 2022Country: CanadaRun Time: 16 min Director: Andrew Gillingham51'