b'DAY SPONSORED BY: FRI, SEP 9, 2022LONESOME CO-PRESENTED BYFRIDAY, SEP 99:15PMAfter being embroiled in a small-town scandal, Casey (Josh Lavery) heads to Sydney, Australia where he connects with Tib (Daniel Gabriel) and ends up in an intense sexual encounter. Tib makes it clear that his casual hook-ups arent meant to linger but there is more-than-usual chemistry bubbling here. Soon, Casey is staying on Tibs couch and the pair take on odd jobs to make some cash. But while they draw closer, each revealing traumatic incidents from their lives, they struggle to solidify their connection as they try to overcome their pasts to become open to the idea of love.WARNING:This film contains sexually explicit content.Year: 2022Country: AustraliaRun Time: 95 minDirector: Craig BorehamSHOWN WITHSERVICE (PALVELUS)On furlough from his military service, Niko pays his estranged father a visit. Can old wounds heal?Year: 2022Country: FinlandRun Time: 15 minDirector: Mikko Mkel29'